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  Canada » Qc


Musee de la civilisation
Canada » Qc
Place » Tourism

The Musée de la civilisation à Québec is a museum located in Quebec City.

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85 Rue Dalhousie, Québec, QC G1K 8R2, Canada
Montmorency Falls
Canada » Qc
Place » Tourism

The Montmorency Falls is a large waterfall on the Montmorency River in Quebec, Canada.

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2490 Ave Royale, Québec, QC G1C 1S1, Canada
Plains of Abraham
Canada » Qc
Place » Tourism

In the heart of Québec, the Battlefields Park is one of Canada’s most important historical and prestigious park.

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835 Avenue Wilfrid-Laurier, Québec, QC G1R 2L3, Canada
Citadelle of Quebec
Canada » Qc
Place » Tourism

The Citadelle of Quebec is a military installation and official residence of both the Monarch of Canada and the Governor General of Canada.

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1 Côte de la Citadelle, Québec, QC G1R 3R2, Canada
Tam Bảo Sơn Buddhist Monastery
Canada » Qc
Place » Temple

Tam Bao Son monastery is a Buddhist monastery created in 1990. It is activities of Sangha.

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690 Chemin de la Riviere Rouge, Harrington, QC J8G 2S7, Canada
Montreal Chinatown
Canada » Qc
Place » Shopping

Montreal Chinatown - Chinese Vietnamese have set up shops and restaurants in the area.

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Chinatown, Montreal, QC Canada